Building the right team from the start

I follow Derek Sivers' YouTube channel, where he records audio of him reading his blog posts. This is brilliant. It allows me to consume his content in a way that’s easier for me. I don’t spend a lot of time reading blog posts, but I enjoy listening to podcasts and audio content.
The first place I heard about this content format (converting written content into audio and video,) was from Kurt Elster, who tweeted about it recently.

If you have written content, and you want to generate video content in a really easy way, just read the content. You can include photo slides, or even just a title slide, which is what Derek does.

Not everybody enjoys reading content. I recently saw an email newsletter on a topic I was interested in, but I didn’t want to read it. That just doesn’t work for me. But if they were recording their written content, I would absolutely listen.

If you expand your content by converting writing to audio and video, you can reach a wider audience and hit all personality types.

The hard work is producing the original piece of content. After that, converting to other mediums is simple. This is a great way to maximize the work you already put in and expand your reach.

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