Should You Outsource Your Writing?

Owen Williams tweeted about deciding whether or not he should shut down a subscription service he offers, and it sparked a discussing whether he should potentially outsource the writing.

In one sense, outsourcing your content is difficult. It’s hard to find a writer with industry knowledge related to your business.

I've built up a content team for my own content. My process is to record a video of myself, hand that off to a writer, and have them write it for you. It helps capture that industry knowledge.
Once you have a writer who understands your voice and can translate your video content into written content, this process can be very successful.

That’s going to be trickier for someone in Owen’s situation, where the business is the content. The bar would be set very high. But if the writing is becoming a grind and he is generating the ideas, outsourcing instead of closing down the business could be a great option. He’s put a lot into the business so far, and facing that decision to shut down is a very difficult position to be in.
In general, if you are generating content ideas on a daily basis, outsourcing writing based on video clips you create can be a very efficient workflow.

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