The Power of Cataloging Your Thoughts

Each day on my live streams, I talk about seven or eight different topics. I put those into @Airtable, and track them by category.

After the live stream, I decide which of those topics I’m going to put into post-production. For those, I pay my content team, so I only choose content that I get some ROI from.

I used to think that the topics that didn’t make it into post-production were irrelevant. They were lost topics that very few people saw. But then I realized that there is a lot of power in the aggregation of the topics.
No-code is something I talk about very frequently because I find it interesting. Since it doesn’t fit into my businesses, I rarely put that into post-production. But having a catalog of all the topics is useful.
A year from now, I can go back retroactively and look at it, then create a no-code related business, or sell the content, or turn it into a book or a course. Individually, that content might not be useful, but in aggregate it absolutely could be.
It really is a powerful way to create content. You have the freedom to talk about whatever you want, produce content that will generate ROI, and keep track of everything else for future use.

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